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Homo Gullibi - lived in the recent past, an epoch notable for their growing inability to see their greedy selves. That of themselves which they could see, was described in terms of how the collective viewed the individual, which helped to maintain the thoughts of the individual in alignment with the collective. That which they could understand, was described and disseminated by smaller collectives in order to maintain a sense of calm for the individual. That which they could sense, was that the greedy collective was acting in a manner which will destroy every individual, but that was okay, because only the collective is able to change.

One of the distinguishing features of the epoch was the establishment of the corpus-apparatus (aka the corporation) which was established as an apparatus to disavow Homo Gullibi from responsibility to his fellows, and to disguise greed as a new value called wealth. By developing corpus-apparatus, some individuals were able to act as if they were the collective, and thereby were able to enact change. They could change long-held beliefs, they could change laws, and they could control the collectives leaders. Over time, Homo Gullibi was led to believe that their individual rights and freedoms were the most important values to be held, and that the corpus-apparatus was the ultimate guardian of said values. Gradually, the corpus-apparatus assumed control of Homo Gullibi which meant only the values essential to creating wealth were acceptable. Homo Gullibi eventually woke to find corpus-apparatus sucking the flesh from their bones.

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Beautifully written, and oh so apt.

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