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Free Dimmin' Democrazy

You know what you're seeing is horrible and it triggers every sense of fairness, morality, decency, and compassion to your core, but it is a political level issue so there is nothing you can do about it. Right?!?

You, the common person have no power against the political machine, it is run by other people, and you have no sway over the decisions being made on your behalf at the national or international level. As much as you despise the injustices which rain down upon the disadvantaged under the guise of “freedom and democracy”, all you can do is watch, or less, meekly turn away n get on with the dishes.

If you had a voice, or a vote, would you be using it? Would you step up and say 'hang on, this is not right'? Would you say at some point 'hang on, indiscriminate killing of innocents is shit, so stop it'? Or more to the point, if all the voices were heard as one, the tendency of political bodies to act in unfavorable ways would be inverted. Even if the general sense is 'hmmmm it seems you're just being a bunch of assholes', there will be a social consensus shift which gathers steam until it shouts from every keyboard, ENOUGH!

This is what motivates me to propose the theories represented on this site. Politics and law have undermined social morality by creating policy which separates human values via the instantiation of written word. Never before has mankind been able to concisely document what motivates and constrains the way we act. The nearest we have approached accurate definition is contained in the scriptures, which have been attempting to codify acceptable conduct through the presentation of stories over the past few millennia. Compare then the historical value of thousands of years of reckoning against the modern legislative process which is tending toward a permission slip for skullduggery long as you can fund the fight. The enemy is the process itself, which is enabling crooked incentives to manifest as acceptable practice.

IOV wants to place the process of consensus in the hands of every individual, providing the capacity to deter poor incentives before the rot sets in. IOV imagines a future where you contribute to what 'matters' – to you! This is envisioned by enabling compute power to collate and present individual input so it can be deciphered for the consensus it contains. Consider it like collecting meta-data, except mining for proactive input rather than being skimmed for financial opportunism. IOV seeks to shift the crooked incentive structure and egocentric greed of our 'free democracy'. All it needs now is a little help and someone to write the code ...welcome aboard.

Yes, I have Palestine in mind as I write this.

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