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El Salvador - the saviour

Howdi Bitcoin fans,

which you now all become by default as the Jonno travels to the bright orange international centre of Money 2.0 :) My main mission is two-fold, seeking work within the BTC space, and to petition gangsters to work building Bitcoin City. Part one will be simple enough, trawl around the globes newest gazillionaire playground to find clients looking to throw up a deluxe pad. Second part will be more of a challenge, discovering the will of government to open up the work opportunity and check the desire of prisoners to jump into a work program. Outside of these objectives there will also be fair amounts of sloping off, lazing around at Bitcoin Beach, and lots of meetups with fellow bitcoiners.

That last bit is potentially the most stimulating, hangin with my culties, just one big cuddle puddle of the crypto-curious. This is Alcoholics Annonymous for monetary misfits, those who swallowed the orange pill have fallen so far down the rabbit hole that all else seems deluded and unbalanced, so uncomfortably short of social normality it causes one to make decisions which onlookers may consider delinquent. This is where convos will be tediously centered on poo-pooing fiat currencies and speculating how long til the wobbly world of magic money printing exposes rot in the base layer of society itself, such that increasing numbers will be dragged kickin n squeallin into the secure space of sound money. Hopefully we can shred the big orange future on tequila sunsets then await the hangover to squirt drowsy piss outta the malformed matrix most of you know as money.

That binary giggling you can hear deep in your purse is me having a sneaky smirk as I write that last paragraph. It really is odd to be so far outside mainstream thinking, even if it is with the support and leadership of a rapidly evolving community. I make no apologies for the hardcore approach and while I expect forward comms will probably be less BTC oriented, it sets a baseline so peeps can make up their minds if they want to stay the course.

With a bit of luck much of the updates will have a simpler focus toward mainstream tourist activity. The other parts of the mission are returns in the real world, bricks n mortar so to speak. One may fund the other if all the stars align perfectly and I can combine the two as one. The prospect of dealing with a Spanish speaking foreign bureaucracy seems sisciphyan but what the hell, can't be any worse than western woke democracy, surely? Part of the commentary will be to suss out the state of politics in El Salvador, particularly with regard to the leadership of President Nayib Bukele, n give my five cents worth on mainstreams portrayal of his 'dictatorship'. Its all ahead of me, I'm just a tad nervous.

Love Bitcoin :)

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