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The Financial Revolution - part 1, The Land of Delusion

The Financial Revolution - part 1, The Land of Delusion


29 August 2022

Counterfeiting is illegal money printing. Money printing is legal counterfeiting.”—Robert Breedlove


[ C ] UK /ˌrevəlˈuːʃən/ US

1. a change in the way a country is governed, usually to a different political system and often using violence or war

2. a very important change in the way that people do things

Revolution, anyone? It’s been a while, we’re overdue for a good dust up, especially in the realm of global finance. The GFC failed to flush any snakes out of the system, merely causing them to slither further into the protective thicket of government. It would seem that some reliably repeating patterns of financial history are rolling around again, yet even the absurdity of the Covid era has not yet jolted awareness of storm clouds gathering upon the horizon. Could it be that an adjustment of economic paradigm is looming, which will redefine how we view money, and its essential qualities?

Will the revolution be a gentle, civilised, politically correct version, woke even, rather than the angry streets pitchfork and guillotine shakedown? Perhaps all the goodwill of so many snowflakes can hug its way out of this, shout down monetary misappropriation as a colonial construct, and have it transitioned into a more inclusive system of transactions? Or, are we in for a vicious tumult, as mankind struggles to take stock of his own ineptitude, firing off weapons in all directions, hoping to find a target that diminishes his culpability?

The type of revolution being anticipated here is some kind of social uprising. Perhaps not the groundswell of human endeavour like, say, the Industrial Revolution, Digital Revolution, or creation of the underwire bra, but something more pivotal. More so, an awakening, to corruption embedded in the bedrock of humanity, tearing down the structure which enables it, and establishing a more equitable mode of transacting.

At the gallows this time around is the fiat monetary system, and its currency largesse sloshing about in the corridors of power. It won’t be the tyrant king, or the fascist dictator; this is a transcendent mode of tyranny, a god amongst man, made by man himself. Money is a conceptual entity, formed to facilitate trade between all. Yet, as with all things manmade, the advantage that comes with creating a universal tool (money) is that it can be leveraged to help some more than others. And, like many of man’s masterful schemes, the opportunity of freely gained treasure has lured good men into the deep waters of temptation. Corruption is having its way with all of us, and we now lube its wheels every time we use it. Money is buggering us slowly, every time we transact, as the value of fiat currencies fritter away. Summed up by Big Brother as inflation, and blamed on climate change, or the Russians, or oil prices, or the Boomers, or Schrödinger’s cat, the touted perception is that prices are rising. In reality, however, it is simply that money is losing its value. Rather than prices going up, monetary value is going down. This is not commodity inflation, it is currency deflation. ’Fiat money’ is that which is backed by government decree, with a promised value, payable to the holder of that money. The money’s value is supported by a government’s reserve bank, in turn supported by a nation’s reputation, and/or their military might. Once upon a time, fiat currencies were backed by actual gold, a tradition dating back thousands of years. Now, however, we live in an experimental era where we are expected to swallow the fairy tale that Big Brother can eternally provide printed paper currency as a verifiable trade mechanism, such that gold is no longer required as the foundational metric of value, and all we need do, is believe. Fiat money is a financial leap of faith, moving from socially established historic value to a diktat decree, a governmental bait ’n’ switch, which now hangs on paper promises. As part of our new belief in fiat fairyland, we must spend! And, if we have not anything to spend, we must enter the magic world of ‘credit’. Credit is the goblin of money, the shapeshifting charlatan from a distant era, long before transitioning became trendy. Credit is the ultimate fraudster. Its name conjures up an image of a positive entry in our bank ledger, when in reality it is the opposite. It’s a financial opiate to the masses, and we are hooked on it, at every level, from the individual, to the institutional, to the global. Claus Schwab and his WEF (World Economic Forum) mates will have you believe that credit will set you free, so rack it up! Climb on board the credit train, and head off into the dim light of destitution. However, what Uncle Claus fails to disclose is that his credit is being created out of thin air, printed, without any compulsion to pay it back any time soon. At the national level, debt creation is an infinite gravy train, a pipeline of interest-free cash flowing directly down the throats of the fat hogs suckling straight from the money spigot. We know what happens when the common man becomes too deep in ‘credit’ and is not able to make his due repayments—he is bankrupt. He is set upon by a liquidator who attempts to reclaim any assets of value, and sells them for pennies on the dollar to lurking credit vultures who swoop in to make a quick buck. And so it goes for any man, business, or corporation, as far up the chain as the biggest banks, who are ‘too big to fail’—they will always be bailed out by the money printer. And this is where the fallacy of ‘value’ loses all credibility. Money is a form of value, which historically has represented man’s work, endeavour, or energy, and should hold fast to a continuum of value, across all realms of humanity. It does, excepting at the governmental level. At this level, no effort need be exerted in creating money, it just appears out of the ether, a monetary mirage. So, what happens when the money goblin goes global, as the world’s biggest financial institutions rack up so much ‘credit’ that the capacity to repay their dues evaporates? Where is the mega-goblin to pick up the tab when all the world’s credit has blown its credibility? This pattern of uncontrollable debt creation has manifested itself within fiat currencies during the past half century, consequent to the US dollar being decoupled from the gold standard in 1971. The seeds have been sown, the snowball of increasing money printing is gathering girth and velocity, as it tumbles toward the precipice of uncertainty, at which point financial Armageddon will be unleashed. Similar to the financial crisis of 2008, abuses and excesses in the world of finance are piling up, ready to unleash monetary mayhem of catastrophic proportions. Of course, currencies are only one part of the global trade network. Other mechanisms in the global finance bag of clever-clogs creations, like bond markets, derivatives, or the Euro-Dollar, could equally play parts in the revolution, and any one of them could bear the blame for being the last stitch that comes undone, leading to the financial equivalent of The Inquisition. Whatever that last stitch, the result will be the same, the biggest ‘run on the bank’ in history. Once the big grab starts, the pissin’ n bitchin’ on the sidelines will leave one wondering how we allowed this sort of mess to fester for so long. As the shenanigans become more apparent, one constant will remain; basic human sustenance needs, and the want to hold things of value. Things of value can be exchanged, used as money or for trade. The more stable the value of any given entity, the longer they hold their value over time. Gold, and to some degree, silver, have fulfilled this role for thousands of years, and then some. Their stability as pure, incorruptible metals with constant production characteristics have meant their value, as a medium of exchange, have remained constant throughout millennia, whilst government-issued currencies have come and gone. Once it becomes widely understood that fiat money is losing its value (i.e. the purchasing power of a dollar declines and commodity prices rapidly inflate), panic will set in, causing a rush to secure stable value. This is already noticeable in the global marketplace (food prices are rising, cars are worth more second hand than their purchase price, even wages are increasing after 30 years of stagnation, though in real terms, wages are still not keeping up with inflation) so as a consequence, societal suspicion is being roused and peeps are looking for alternatives to holding cash, as a method of storing wealth. In the hunt for stable monetary value, the rot within the system is being exposed for all to see, pitchforks everywhere will be sharpening up. There will be no castle on the hill to raid, no government buildings to picket, and no William Wallace to lead the oppressed into battle. This revolution will be global, political, social, and unlike any before it. The battle lines will be blurry, the weaponry will be cybernetic, the enemy will be all around us, we may even be the enemy ourselves. A likely enemy will be complacency, the ignorance or laziness of the masses to recognise who, or what, it is which assails them so. Hearts and minds will need to be distracted from the mesmerising trinkets of the mainstream media machine. Greed and power will exhaust every false promise in the relentless pursuit of maintaining the contemporary cash gravy train, tightening up governmental controls with a viciousness which will have once seemed dystopian. The Covid era provided such a tightening, and was scantly recognised as such, let alone resisted. The revolution, a.k.a. the awakening to the pillaging of the masses by ruling elites, through the medium of money, is upon us. The rate at which the awakening occurs, and motivates the masses to act against the rulers, will be revealed in good time. The money itself is on a crash course with destiny, there will be no preventing fiat being revealed as the fraud which it represents. Government will persist with the masquerade for as long as possible, printing preposterous piles of cash in its attempt to support the rotting corpse of fiat fraud. Yet with each subsequent theft from the future, the magnitude of the lie will be obviated by the stupidity of numbers cascading up as ‘credit’ and the runaway price inflation of everyday items. If this happens, greater effort will likely be exerted by many to making sense of the delusion, and equally, looking for a corruption-resistant alternative. Will mankind awaken in time, or will Big Brother have us all bent over, and buying it?

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